Thursday, February 10, 2011

What to do? And look! Tall Boys!!

Almost a year ago, I bought this box of '94/95 Parkhurst from my newly discovered local card shop. I just got around to busting it a week ago or so. Yeah, that's how I roll.
 Anyways, there isn't a lot of information available on this set, so I'm kinda winging it here. Near as I can tell, it's a reproduction of the 1964/65 Parhurst Tall Boy set. 180 cards in the set. 24 packs in teh box, 10 cards per pack.
 I have no idea if the originals came 10 per pack, but I doubt it. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't have any of the original '64/65 Tall Boys in my greedy little mitts collection.

Let's take a look at thes colourful cards. I have to admit, it was a blast pulling all of these names out of packs.
Jean Beliveau
 Charlie Hodge and his first mask.
 The Golden Jet, Bobby Hull.
 Tim Horton. I always feel like getting a coffee when I pull one of his cards, and I don't even drink the stuff.
 Gordie Freakin' Howe.
 Alex Delvecchio
 Jacques Plante as a Ranger. Gotta give the Blueshirts some love.
 and lastly, a Bruin. Wayne Cashman to be precise. Wayne would later become captain of the Bruins during Don Cherry's tenure as coach.
 For those of you unfortunate enough to not be familiar with the Tall Boy cards, here's a comparison for you.
 Now here's my dilemma. I made a complete set out of 23 packs. Which, for you math majors at home, I have one unopened pack left.
 This set has three different insert sets to chase. First, American/Canadian Greats at a rate of 1:126. Or 1 every 5 1/2 boxes. And I pulled one!!! None other than the Big Train himself, Lionel Conacher.
Seriously, if you've never heard of the dude, read up on him. Awesome. These inserts are done up in the '51/52 Parhurst style.
Next we have Future Star cards at 1:32 of which I did not pull any. And finally autographs. Yes, this set came with autographs of all the surviving members, inserted at 1:261 or 1 every 11 boxes.

Should I open that last pack looking for an elusive auto???? Or just leave it be, preserved for all time?


  1. I can't believe you had an unopened box of anything laying around for a year. I have a hard enough time waiting till I get home and then even if I have to wait till after dinner. A whole year??!!?? Mind blowing. I say rip it. Rip it all to hell.

  2. I second that! What good is an unopened anything? These are freaking sweet looking cards.

  3. Beautiful cards and great for TTM autograph requests. One of the shows I go to regularly has a dealer who has a ton of the 51/52 inserts. If you're interested in some, let me know.

  4. Awesome stuff. How much was the box?

  5. Jeremy, it was a year ago, but I'm pretty sure it was $40.

  6. Open it up!

    I remember when these came out. Like with any tall product, they're a pain to store or find pages for. Doubles make for good bookmarks though.

  7. The originals were 1964-65 Topps - Parkhurst ceased production the year before.