Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boy, these cards sure are tall...

See what I did there?

What? They can't all be gems.


At the card show last weekend, I was rummaging through a box that had the most mixed bag of cards in it. No top loaders or sleeves. Just card board. There was '60's through to today. No danger of cutting myself on the corners. Condition was not at a premium.

But above the rest, were four cards. Standing tall as it were. (*ahem*)

I picked out this beauty with an eye towards sending it off for an autograph request.
It's a little rough... but it's perfect for what I want it for. I asked him how much and he replied that he didn't care, whatever I thought was fair. So I offered $1 and he couldn't say deal fast enough.

I reached in my pocket and all I had was a toonie. ($2 coin for you Yanks...) He said, you want the change, or you could take the other three and use them for more autographs?

I took the other three cards for $1. I didn't have the heart to tell him that Mr Provost had passed away 30 years ago....

still a great card though.

Claude Provost has the most Stanley Cup wins of any player who is NOT in the Hall of Fame.
The man has nine Stanley Cups, and isn't in the Hall. Go figure.
He also won the Bill Masterton trophy in 1968.

Also included were a couple of the currently hated Rangers.

Rod Gilbert was the first Ranger to have his number retired. He is also in the Hall.
With no Cups. none.

and good ole George Sullivan. We'll call him Red.
 He played from '49-'61 then became a coach.
After coaching the Rangers for 4 seasons, he became the first ever coach of the new Pittsburgh Penguins, lasting two seasons, before being one of three head coaches for the first year Washington Capitals.
That was enough to make him retire.

I love these'64/65 OPC Tall Boys... I'll send out the Talbot. Keep the Provost. And probably send the Rangers to commishbob.
If he wants them.

Not bad for $2.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Killing them slowly...

or is that softly? Whatever.

This past weekend saw Calgary host their version of a huge card show. It's not really that big. But everything's relative. And around here, we'll take what we can get.

It's always good to see new sellers. After seeing the same group lug around the same stuff for a year, anything different is extremely appreciated.

I managed to spend a little bit of cash with almost all the sellers. I try to support them for coming out, some of them a long way.

One of the nice surprises was being able to jump on some cards that have been on my want list for quite some time. In the age of the latest and greatest 17 colour autographed game used patch mojo sickz L@@K! cards that are all the rage with the kids nowadays,  I was really pleased to knock off some older set needs.

My NRMT 1979-80 OPC set is almost complete.
 I have a couple of EX condition sets, but now after adding this Flames TC, I only need the Winnipeg Jets TC and my nice one is done. Finished. So close and yet.....

Speaking of upgrading.... I found a stack of NRMT-MT 1977-78 OPC glossy inserts (rounded corners). I've been needing to upgrade two of them and now I have.

Mr Dionne
 and Mr MacLeish.
 These are pack fresh. Really sweet. You can get complete sets of these online cheap, but I enjoy the chase, and was happy to finally cross these off my list.

And talk about the chase... after what seems like years, I found someone selling 2010-11 OPC black bordered retro inserts /100.
He had about 40 of them in a binder on his table. I didn't need any of those, but I asked if he had any more. He said he had a bunch more, but not with him. He'd bring them in on Sunday. So back on Sunday I went, and snagged five more cards towards completion.

 Not exactly big names....

 but to a set collector, one is as important as another.
I was thrilled with finding these.

All cards seen here cost a total of $15. A very cheap high to be able to cross off so many cards off of my old, worn out list.