Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Card Show Pickups...

Saturday's card show really didn't have anything that grabbed me right away at first glance. The three usual guys I buy from had nothing new for me. By chance I looked at a table from a guy that I don't normally buy from. We exchanged pleasantries. I saw a stack of autos on the table and picked them up. He said to me I was just in time. He was having a surprise sale. I asked him on what? He replied, anything you want to buy.
Well alright then. Let's dig in. I would've bought more, but I ran out of cash. Here's a tip kids, only bring cash to a card show, and only bring as much as you are willing to spend. A lot safer that way.

Team Canada autos
Multi Gold Medal Winning goalie Charline Labonte, sticker says $30 slashed to $20. I paid $6.
 Multi Gold Medal winning and personal friend, Danielle Goyette. Again, $30 slashed to $15, I paid $5
 Jennifer Botterill, $25, down to $12, I paid $4
 current Montreal Canadien Tom Pyatt, $20, down to $10, I paid $3
 Washington Capitals goalie, rookie Braden Holtby. $20 down to $10, I paid $3
 Jumping sets to 07/08 ITG Between the Pipes
Florida Panther goalie Tomas Vokoun, $25, down to $20, down to $10, I paid $2!!!
 and finally, I grabbed this instead of another auto I had my eye on... an 07/08 UD Young Gun of goalie Jaroslav Halak. $25 down to $15... I paid $5.
Let's hear it for surprise sales!!!


  1. Yeah....I spent way too much at his table as well.

    I'm a sucker for a good deal though.

    Nice pickups!

  2. Love the Charline Labonte auto... I've been a fan of hers since I pulled her autograph out of UD Prospects over 10 years ago. Still trying to hunt down a Manon Rheaume auto though.

    Great pickups @ even better prices!