Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gary Inness for the win...

I went to a card show this morning... just the small one near my house that comes every two weeks. Thought I might pick up some singles of the new releases, fill out a couple of sets.
None of that happened.

There's a dealer I keep in touch with via email. He has amazing vintage singles. Boxes of them. All in unbelievable condition. I swear he prints them in his basement. Anyways, awhile back I had asked for some specific Gary Inness cards for a ttm attempt I was wanting to do. He had two of the three I wanted, and brought them today.

a 76/77 OPC
 and a 77/78 OPC WHA card
total cost, a $1.

And that's all I came home with. Sad. I know. I just wasn't feeling it today. On the plus side, I still have the $30 in my pocket I went with.... and I now have two really cool vintage goalie cards.


  1. Forgot all about the Flyers card! I love the WHA stuff, too.