Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TTM Success - Norm Ullman, Hall of Famer.

I recently got back a successful autograph request from Hall of Famer, Norm Ullman.

Norm started his career with Detroit in 1955-56, and ended it with the WHA's Edmonton Oilers at the end of the 1976-77 season.
His NHL career with Detroit lasted 12 1/2 seasons before a blockbuster trade sent him to Toronto for the next 8 1/2 years.
In that trade, Detroit sent Ullman, Floyd Smith, Paul Henderson and Doug Barrie in exchange for Frank Mahovlich, Pete Stemkowski, Gary Unger and Carl Brewer.

Norm managed 490 goals and 739 assists in 1410 career NHL games. His last two years of pro hockey were spent in the WHA, recording 130 points in 144 games.

He was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1982

This is actually the second request Mr Ullman has returned. Last year I sent him four cards for him to sign.

I love adding pieces of living history to my collection. Photos like the ones above will always have a place in my home.
Thanks Norm.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I took home from the National

well..... nothing. That's because I didn't go. I'm not one of the cool kids that gets to travel across the country for a card show.

However, I do know several people who did go. One of them, not to mention names (but he might be a certain Trevor Linden collector with blogger name of bamlinden) said he wouldn't mind doing me a favour........ and he hooked me up with a great piece for my collection.

a beauty of an 8x10 of former Habs 'tender, Andre Racicot. In their Stanley Cup winning year, Andre had a record of 17 wins, 5 losses and a tie while backing up Patrick Roy.
Andre was signing autographs at the show on Saturday.

A great photo with a cool inscription. Funny story about the inscription.... but it's one of those, you had to be there kinda things.

This autographed 8x10 brings me to 10 different current and former goalies who have worn the bleu, blanc, et rouge.

Only 67 more to go.

Some of those dead guys from the 1920's are going to be tough.

Thanks Brett!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Who are those Masked Men?

There was a trade night at one of the local shops last night. Not a lot of trading due to the lack of new product... as I've said, a lot of collectors around here don't recognize or want cards more than 3 weeks old.
I need to write a book called "The Life, Trials and Tribulations of a Set Collector." Woe is me.

Anyways... despite the lack of trading, I did make a purchase.

The shop had 9 of the 2013 Masked Men inserts from In the Game's Between the Pipes.

I scooped up all 9, plus an autograph, for $20. That's $2 per card for you English majors.

Let's gawk at the shiny goodness.

Gary 'The Cobra" Simmons. LOVE IT!
Dan Bouchard. I wish ITG could find a pic of Bouchard's teammate Yves Belanger. Another awesome mask. A huge replica hangs on the side of the Saddledome here in Big C.
Gerry Cheevers. His mask necessitates inclusion in every mask set, every year. Or so it seems.
Marc-Andre Fleury. Again we see the ITG card on the side of his mask.
Domink Hasek. The Dominator... this time with Ottawa.
Jimmy Howard. Nice Mustang Jimmy.
Manny Legace. Wait. Manny Legace???
Gilles Meloche. One of my all time faves.
and Semyon Varlamov. I wonder if he misses Washington?
the final card to round out the purchase was this auto of Oilers goalie, Eddie Mio.
Eddie came over to the Oil in the Gretzky swap. He was also Wayne's BFF and best man at his wedding.

Thanks for looking... I now have 12 of the 50 Masked Men 5 insert set. If you have any to help me out, let me know. I'm always looking to swap.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Playoffs? Playoffs?? Playoffs!!!

The best time of the year is upon us. It's the playoffs. And if you have to ask, "Playoffs for what??" You're not Canadian. Nor have you ever been within 500 miles of Canada.

On a quiet night, you can go outside and hear the snow melt it's so peaceful. Until the overtime goal is scored. And then it's mayhem. Seriously. I can stand outside my house in Calgary and hear when the Leafs score in Toronto. Granted, the prairie provinces don't have anything geographically to stop the soundwaves, but still.

So to celebrate the Drive for 25* I'd thought to show off a few recent additions to my collection.
What you're looking at here, is either a Stanley Cup parade, or a first round exit. In a team game, it's all on this guy. Good thing he has broad shoulders. Cowboy up Carey.
Leading scorer and potential Norris trophy winner, PK Subban. He was one point from leading the team in scoring... had to settle for leading all NHL defencemen. Not bad after missing the first 8 games in a 48 game season.
Montreal doesn't start until thursday due to Bettman doing whatever american tv tells him to do. Idiot.
The first two games of the playoffs last night both went into overtime. Yeah. It's going to be like that.
I'll be interested to see what reasons are said that Subban doesn't win the Norris. He was by far the best defencman in the league hands down. But he's not well liked. We all know trophies are not always won by the deserved. But Ryan Suter???? Really???
Just for fun, Frenchie LaBouche. Well, Lars Eller. That's what he's referred to around here. If he really did have a french sounding name, he'd be the Habs first line center. But he doesn't. So he's not. And the team suffers for it.
Thanks for looking.

Is your team in it? And who do you think can stop the Habs Drive for 25?

*The Canadiens are going for their 25th Stanley Cup Championship. That's right. 25th. How many you got?