Monday, March 16, 2015

10 for 10

You know the story. We've all been there. There's a card show. You want to go. But. You have little time, and even less cash.
So you go for it. In and out. Not the burger joint. And not what she said.
Hit up a couple of tables with lotsa boxes and even more sale signs.
The results? 10 cards for $10.
Here we go.
I've been after this card since I found out it existed about a year after it came out in '08.
 It's a SP. I found it in a binder of Habs cards that he wanted $50 for. The only card I needed was this one, and a deal was struck for a dollar.
Yay me.

The same guy supplied these next three cards for the sum of one dollar.
 I'm chasing the 06/07 OPC set, and finding this card brings me one closer. A rookie / sophomore showdown. I don't think the rookie did too well in this one. Advantage Getzlaf.

He had probably 30 or so 08/09 OPC SP hi numbers..... but only one that I needed.
 Voracek was leading the league in scoring at the All Star break, causing a lot of dealers to go scrambling into their quarter and commons boxes to pull this card out and price it at $5 -$10... I'm glad I found a guy who was lazy.

And the immortal Aaron Palushaj.
 Turns out I already had it.

Onto the next table, and I grabbed 6 cards for $5. All from the same set. All numbered parallels.

I think I already have this one too..... but I haven't found it yet.

This one was new to me though. Now he just needs another call up.

Boo yeah. Mr Hart trophy himself.
 By the by... did you see the video of Carey Price photobombing a kid taking a selfie during the game? He's as cool as the other side of the pillow. Forget about Billy Dee...

Why did I buy a Predator? Meh. He'll go in the trade box.

But I've wanted this card since it came out. This is just an awesome shot of Bernie.
 And it's number 69 (giggity) of 85! For .84 cents!

The final card at the final table as I was leaving....
It was new.
It was sooooo shiny.
It was Carey.
It was $3.
It was (and is) mine.

and just like that, there I was, gone. Heading back home in time to pick up my wife and take her to all the places she had planned for us.
Ten dollars lighter.
Ten cards happier.