Friday, February 11, 2011

It's National Hockey Card Day!!! Yay!!!

to celebrate National Hockey Card Day, Upper Deck claims to give away free packs of hockey cards. I say claims, because I'm pretty sure that hobby stores have to buy them, albeit cheaply, and then they give them away. You can also get free packs at Rexall Drugs, and London Drugs. Why only there I have no idea.
Oh yeah, and before you scratch your head too much, yes, National Hockey Card Day is actually tomorrow. But I hate waiting, so I got some today. Connections you know.***

I scanned the whole set, so we'll start at card #1 and work our way through, mmmmmkay?

Taylor Hall. Surprise!
 Oh yeah, the wrapper, for those of you interested in that kind of thing....
 #2 Tyler Seguin - dioes he even play anymore? He was scratched against Montreal the other night. Not enough of a goon I guess.
#3 Jeff Skinner - everybody's favourite. But be careful, he's only 18. You can't even take him across state lines without parental permission.
 #4 Jordan Eberle - I'll take him on my team anyday.
 #5 P.K. Subban!!! Woot!
 oh yeah, here are the card backs for you stat geeks. Uh.... oops. There are no stats.
 #6 Jason Spezza - if anyone can afford his contract, Ottawa will trade him to you. So that means he's staying a Senator.
 #7 Dion Phaneuf - we HAD to have a Leaf in the set, so Dion gets the nod.
 #8 Jarome Iginla - I can't believe people were talking about trading Jarome earlier this season. Where are those people now? In the hospital getting treated for ankle injuries from jumping on and off and on the bandwagon.
 #9 Roberto Luongo - ditto here what I said about Jarome.
 #10 Sid the Kid. Get well soon man, the game needs you.
 #11 The Ghost of Patrick Roy... no wait. That's just some weird sepia thing UD did to the photo.
 #12 Mario Lemieux - must all Penguin superstars be injury riddled?
 #13 Gordie Freakin' Howe - I once saw him crush 8 walnuts to dust in one hand. Hey, you try it.
 #14 Bobby Orr. Wow. Either him or Gordie for best ever. What might have been for this guy if not for injuries.
 #15 Wayne Gretzky. Nice hat.
 Checklist showing 15 of the 16 cards available, #16 Jonathan Toews is a hobby store exclusive. I'll pick him up tomorrow on, well, you know, National Hockey Card Day.
 and an advertisement for the upcoming Heritage Classic. I can't wait. I hope the weather holds out. It's starting to warm up around here....
There you go boys and girls.... hopefully I can get a set to give away here... some sort of contest or just a random freebie. Hopefully.

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  1. Yes, all Penguin stars must be injured. It's a conspiracy against them perpetrated by "The Man". And that man...Frank Stallone.