Saturday, November 20, 2010

TTM success with the Greatest Living Former Maple Leaf !!!

I recently received back a TTM request from Maple Leaf all time great, Allan Bester. Mr Bester was kind enough to sign two photos and four cards for me. I was thrilled to get him before he was elected to the Hockey hall of Fame and became all snooty and started charging for his 'graph....
 I really want to get an address for Borje Salming and get him to sign this one as well.....
 '90/91 Score, all the rage with the kids these days....
 '90/91 OPC
 '90/91 Bowman ( I got a lot of cards from this year, alright?)
 and the best of them all, an '09/10 In The Game Between The Pipes GREATS OF THE GAME!!!
this ranks right up there with Grant Fuhr on the giggle-meter.......

But anyways.... Allan was kind enough to sign these for me and return them in only 14 days. Thanks!!!


  1. One of those autos would look great right next to one from Sergio Momesso, wouldn't it? Just sayin'.

  2. Wow, that's pretty great he signed so many, and 14 days is crazy!!!

  3. You probably don't check this anymore, but I'd like Allan to sign a card for me. How do I know where to send the card?

    1. there are websites that can provide you with addresses if you can't find them online yourself. StarTiger,, and etc.... are a good place to start. Some of them require a paid membership.
      Good luck