Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010-11 Upper Deck Hockey Box Break Review

Today is the day. It's been marked on a lot of people's calendars for months. For Canadian card shop owners, it's christmas. Yes, it's the day Upper Deck Series 1  hockey comes out. The most anticipated release of the hobby year.
My LCS asked me not to be lined up outside his door at noon when he opened. Maybe around 2:00 he said. At 2:00, the delivery truck rolled up and dropped off the awesome. I was handed the first box out of the first case. I felt euphoric. The guy behind me was handed the next two. The next two CASES. I was brought back down to earth. But I'll take what I get.
24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack. 2 jerseys per box. (I wish they would call them sweaters. Hockey players don't wear jerseys) 6 Young Gun rookies per box. And numerous hard to get inserts.... Let's see what this year's looks like.

The base card, full bleed as usual, bright, vibrant colours and interesting photography.
 A lot of horizontal cards....
 My pet peeve with Upper Deck. LOSE THE FOIL!!!!!! What's this guy's name? Yeah...
 Lose the foil.... really.
The card backs are plain, but all the important information is included. Player's name, number, position, height, weight, birthplace, birthdate, and CAREER stats. I cannot stress how important career stats are.
 although all the legal logo crap at the bottom is getting a bit ridiculous.

They brought the All World set back again, two per box...
 Steven and Henrik, Canada and Sweden
 my two Game Jersey Sweater cards are Marty Turco of the Dallas Stars Chicago Blackhawks.
 and, in a Windy City sweep, a Doug Wilson.
 Unlike last year, these are both certified to have been used in an official NHL game.
It's Upper Deck's 20th Anniversary this year, and they're celebrating by putting in retro inserts in the style of their original 1990/91 hockey set. These fall at 6 per box....
 with the Young Gun versions falling at one every two boxes....
 Now the rookies everyone chases.... six Young Guns per box. A HUGE rookie checklist this year. Taylor Hall, and Jordan Eberle will probably the most sought after. Leaf fans will want Nazem Kadri and I want, yeah, you guessed it, P.K. Subban.
My six? Well, no Hall or Eberle of course. I got Nick Johnson of the Penguins, Kyle Clifford of the Kings, Cody Almond of the Wild, Mr Bonino here, showing again why foil should be banned.
 Every Leafs fan wet dream....
I got my white whale. Unbelievable. You should have seen the jig I did around the living room when I pulled this. Epic. My wife is still giggling.

All in all I like the set. By far the best hockey release so far of 2010/11. With Upper Deck base, you know what you're going to get, and you get it. No surprises, no disappointments.

One box will give you 170/200 cards in the set with no duplicates, 6/50 Young Guns, and a few inserts. Key word 'few'.



  1. I'm liking. Good choice featuring the Carey Price.

  2. It's bothered me the last few years that they just recycle the baseball design, but these actually look pretty nice. That Doug Wilson sweater card is sweet. I think this might be the first year in the last 3 or 4 I don't chase the Upper Deck set though...

  3. I am with you on the foil; LOSE IT ALREADY! But overall, I like the design more than other years. The retro set is sort of cool, but man, no more junk wax era designs (ya hear me Panini?)!

    Is Seguin in this set?

  4. "What's his name?" Mike Smith actually asks himself that question every morning....