Friday, November 5, 2010

Team Canada exclusives! and a mystery!

 A few days ago my lovely wife came home from Wally World with a whole bunch of stuff. Nothing unusual about that, but what was unusaul was that two of the bags were for me! Inside I found 7 of the 9 Team Canada figures exclusive to Wal Mart. (The hobby version has them in their home whites) I was overwhelmed. The only ones missing from the set were Jarome iginla and Joe Thornton.

 Now if any of you know me, my ocd demanded that I find the missing two players. As you can see, after visiting every Wal Mart within a 100 mile radius, I found an Iginla. I have full confidence that the 8 year old that was in possesion of it when I found it will have a full recovery. And that sketch he gave the police? Pffft. I look more like Big Bird than Cookie Monster.
so here's where the mystery begins. The plot thickens, as it were. At my sixth Wally World of the day, I persuaded a clerk to crack 6 unopened cases of these in front of me, so that I may satisfy my set completion needs.
No Thornton. In 6 cases of figures. Although I can now tell you that Crosby, Toews and Heatley are the double prints. Now in the hobby version (white jerseys) it is an 8 player set, not 9. And as you can see by the photo, Big Joe does indeed exist..... in white.
But the hobby set does NOT have a Danny Heatley figure. So now my spidey senses are tingling.... is the checklist on the packaging wrong? Is there a Thornton red or isn't there? There's a debate going on right now on Freedom Cardboard.... but maybe you can help.

Anybody seen Joe?

and btw, do I have a great wife or what? This is only one of three surprise purchases she made for me this week....

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