Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Late to the party card show booty....

The last show I went to about two weeks ago was a wash. All I came home with was a complete '08/09 In The Game Between The Pipes set for $5. Like my friend said..."he had me at $5..."

The show the week before that, I came home with some singles. Nothing vintage this time unfortunately, but still some good stuff for the soul. Better than soup.

First up, four cards from the new Panini Certified Parallel From hell set. Total cost, $3.00

The Jimmy Howard is /250, Guy Lafleur is out of /500
 Next we have a random sampling out of a 5 for $1 pile. I love dealers, that's LOVE dealers that have a 5 for $1 pile.

 This card should actually be a Silver Medal Mask.... heh.....
 Fight! FIGHT!
 This was an insert in this years Heroes and Prospects set... on the back is a number, and if the player on the front gets drafted in the slot that matches the number, you could redeem it for a special auto/patch somethingorother.... unfortunately the number on the back of this card is 09. Taylor Hall at 9? Not a chance.
 Lastly, I found some Young Guns to help finish, or at least get me closer, to my '08/09 Upper Deck set. $2.50 got me five Young Guns.... I needed four of them, mr Gillies was a duplicate. But I can use him as tradebait hopefully.

A pocketful of singles for, well, $6.50
I hope this weekend's show is better.... I couldn't go to trade night at my LCS because the weather and roads are so bad. It's a 35-40 minute drive on summer roads, now? In over a foot of snow? Who knows...