Saturday, November 6, 2010

Box Break Review

at the last trade night at the LCS the shop had a deal on '08/09 In The Game Heroes and Prospects. This is one I missed out on so I took a chance. Some of the 'hits' you can find in this product are unreal. Steven Stamkos, Taylor Hall, PK Subban, Jordan Eberle etc... all have jersey and autograph cards in this set.
 I, did not get any of those. Surprise! *sigh* Anyways. On with the review. 24 packs 5 cards per. 2-3 hits per box. I paid $40 or $45 for it. I can't remember which as it was almost a month ago...

This was when you could still get a complete 100 card set out of a box, which I did. The base cards invoke memories of the '72/73 OPC and Topps sets. The first 7 cards are current NHL heroes, and the other 93 are future prospects.
 The backs of the cards are clean and well designed, giving you all the information you need. If I'm going to nitpick, and I am, the logos on the bottom take up too much space. And being right handed, as most of the population is, the card number is in the wrong corner. But with it being only 100 cards, it's not that big of a deal.
 One insert set is Memorial Cup winners.Mitch here is a 2008 second round draft pick of the Calgary Flames. He is now in the AHL playing for Abbotsford.
 The Draft Picks insert set hilightes the 2008 First round selections. I ended up with Tyler Myers of the Buffalo Sabres, who won the Calder trophy for top rookie in the NHL last season. A local boy from just outside Calgary, Tyler is a true farmboy. 6'6" 220lbs.
 You're supposed to receive a jersy card in each box. I got Kris Letang who now plays for Pittsburgh.
 as for autos, you're supposed to get one with every other box getting two. For a change, i got a good box, netting two autos.
Yann Sauve is a 6'3" 220lb defenseman drafted by Vancouver in the 2nd round of the '08 draft. He just signed a three year deal and was assigned to teh Manitoba Moose of the AHL.
 Shawn Matthias is a 6'3" 210lb centre drafted by Detroit but traded to Florida for Todd Bertuzzi. Shawn played in 55 games for Florida last season and has been with the club all season this year, netting 4 points in teh first 9 games.
Overall a really good box. Lots of fun to break and see all the young stars from this season in the minor league uni's.... well worth the money.

As with any product these days, each pack that does not contain a hit, contains a decoy card. For this set, ITG put team logos on their decoys....
 I got 23 different ones out of I have no idea how many....
now the set collector in me is demanding I find more of these to get them all.... it's a sickness, I know. I can't help it.


  1. Nice looking set, I never picked any of these up, thanks for sharing!

  2. do you still have these redemption point cards?
    can you contact me here: