Monday, November 8, 2010

Score! Well, actually, no, not really.

It's been out for almost two weeks now. 2010/11 Panini Score Hockey. Yes, it if looks familiar, it's because they copied paid hommage to the original 1990/91 Score hockey set. But if the design sucked then, why pay tribute to it now? Anyways... the photography has improved...
 I notice looking at all the Montreal cards, almost all of them were taken during last season's playoffs. Which is kinda cool.
 The rookies have their own design. Again, Donini rears it's ugly head. Seriously, hire a new designer... or more than the one you've been using for the last 5 years.
 Some subsets include Net Cams, basically an excuse to get more goalie cards in the set. Cool with me.
 Playoff Heroes... not a good design at all.
 Sudden Death. Again, why?
 But here's where they almost came up with an epic win. Almost. Take a look at Simon Gagne's card here....
 take a closer look.
 all right, let me spell it out....
Woot! So close. If they had only put it in the main body of the photograph like the old school OPC....

My wife paid $5 for this blaster. 11 packs, 55 cards. (actually, she bought 4 blasters, I just haven't busted the other three yet)

For $5, yeah okay... but they were on sale at half price, so no, it isn't worth it. This sells at $1 a pack to compete with Upper Deck's Victory. And if it had been released two months ago with Victory, it would've done well. But it was delayed and delayed again. Now, tomorrow, November 9, Upper Deck Series 1 is live and this release will be forgotten about.
The original buyback autos would've been cool, but they are #'d to /5 and are impossible to find.

This is a set of What Could Have Been........

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  1. This has only been out and it is being discounted 50%. Thats Crazy