Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cardboard Ketchup - Ice Cold Edition

Continuing the story from Waxaholic, I'll put up highlights from two trade/gift packages... The first is from The Angels In Order. Yeah, I know. Hockey cards from a baseball guy in Texas who roots for the Angels. Go figure. But I'll take 'em. Tom said he could help with my quest to complete the '92/93 UD set, and sent over 22 cards off of my list.
I was wondering what Rob was smiling about,  and then I saw the half naked chick in the background.
for my Vancouver Canuck friends... Kirk McLean. This was the period when goalies still wore leather or 'leather look' pads, but had them colour co-ordinated to their team colours.
a Teemu Selanne Young Gun.... although I thought his rc was earlier..... Hmm.....

The next lot is from Casey of Drop the Gloves fame. We all know Casey is a Bruins fan, but we like him anyways. Although when the first card I saw out of the envelope was a Rene Bourque card, and then another.... I thought I had been Bipped.
But then Chipper appeared, and then the package really took off quality wise....
I saw that some of you recived cards from Casey at the same time and posted cards from the '70/71 Topps set. Casey must've found a shoebox in an attic somewhere, 'cause he sent me some too.

On Right Wing, the Roadrunner, Yvan Cournoyer

on Defence, sorry, I forgot it's American Topps. On Defense, Jacques Laperriere

his Defence Defense partner on the blue line, Terry Harper.
At Center, Ralph Backstrom.
On Left Wing, Pete 'Little M' Mahovlich.
we have a substitution! At Center, Jean Beliveau!

That is one hell of a lineup. If I could trade Backstrom for the Montreal Goalie in this set, Rogie Vachon.... it would be unbeatable.
Ah heck, put Backstrom in net and this lineup would probably still win the Cup.

Thanks for the cards boys!


  1. You know, I can probably help you out with the 92/93 Upper Deck. Is your wantlist up to date?


    1. Rob,

      yep, all my lists are up to date. Thanks for any help you can do off of them.
      My email is in my profile.... send me an email and I can get you my address.


  2. Cool. I'll have a look over the weekend

  3. Rob Ramage is smiling because he's playing for the greatest team to ever lace up skates! On second thought, it was probably the half-nekkid lady (Florida Hockey is awesome).