Saturday, May 26, 2012

2011-12 Upper Deck SPx... and I have issues ...

although I may be a couple of weeks late on this.... Upper Deck released it's latest version of SPx. You've probably seen it before, but I'm here to put my own little rant spin on things.
It starts out fairly well. A nice new design where the colours really pop. The base cards are kinda cool, even with the dreaded added gold foil. And the hits, although I don't have any to show, are really well designed and cool looking. Take my word for it.
But you know me. I look at things many others may or may not see. A little backstory. Back in the day, I worked as a photographer for a couple of years. Maybe three. (You want to hang out with hot chicks? Become a photographer) Anyways... there are certain rules you follow as a photographer. There aren't many, but what ones there are, you follow. Although, this was back when cameras had "film". The photos had to be "developed". In "darkrooms". Google those terms in quotations kids... you'll learn something. Sometimes I feel like a blacksmith, although I suppose in certain circles blacksmiths are still useful.
Where was I?
Oh yeah, the rules. Take a look at Carey Price up above... and Mr Subban below here. Notice anything? (Hint, look at their heads.) Yeah. There heads are chopped off.
Now I realize that the photographers responsible for those pics probably included their entire heads in the shots. They are, after all, professionals. So we'll assume that the design/layout team decided that this would be the best look.
Are there not editors anymore? Who approves this kind of stuff?

Let's take a look at another Canadien, this time Tomas Plekanec. More missing cranium. Awesome.

Besides yet another half headed hockey player, let's talk about another peeve. Player selection.
Here we see Mike Cammalleri of the Montreal Canadiens. Minor problem. Cammalleri plays for the Calgary Flames. He was traded there on January 12, 2012. When did this set get released? May 8, 2012.
In four months, UD couldn't have put a different Hab in the set? Or change Cammalleri to the Flames. Something? Anything?
Am I missing something here? With today's technology, cards cannot be changed in four months? How about an old OPC "Now with Flames" stamp right on the picture. At least that would be an effort.

If anyone reading knows about card production and printing... please enlighten me.


  1. Funny - do a Google image search on "Mike Cammalleri" and images 5, 10, 13 and 19 are him in a Flames sweater. So yeah - can't take the time to release him on the correct team?

  2. This was the first thing I noticed about the Howard from the base set. Kind of makes me want the card less.

  3. Lots of dead space at the bottom of each card, too. If you're going to crop, go extreme, don't just lop off the top two inches of someone's head/bucket..

  4. Look at it this way......more groin room.

  5. I didn't know you used to do photography. Here I thought all along that you were just some Habs cheering fool on the Internet. Now you're a Habs cheering fool on the Internet that shares a passion of mine.