Saturday, May 19, 2012

I can't help myself....

I've been preaching about sticking to cards off of my wantlists... saving money... sticking to a plan... And while I've been 90% successful at it, I have to admit, I keep straying.
I'm weak. And I have a problem. That's the first step, right? Admission?
Anyways... at the last card show I picked up a few cards that were not on any of my lists.
Charlie Simmer, game used purple kings jersey /99 for a dollar. A DOLLAR! ARE THEY INSANE?

some of you may not have been paying attention, but Charlie is one of favourite non-Canadiens players from the 80's. It doesn't hurt that he now lives in Calgary and I've run into him a few times. The last time he even remembered my name. I'm now officially worried it's because the next time we bump into each other will result in a Bench Warrant.

And would it kill Panini to use a little colour on their cards? Especially on an 80's Kings card??!!

Next a Jean Beliveau Dominion base card /99. Cost, $3
What kind of world are we living in where base cards are /99 AND $3 is considered a really good price?
Again, some colour would be nice.

Last up today is a little fella who doesn't get much hobby love, even from Canadiens collectors. Not sure why, because from what I remember, he was our best player for quite some time.
Mats Naslund game used Team Sweden jersey.

Cost? A buck. Not complaining.... but this and Charlie cost me less than that base card I just showed you........
Cats and Dogs, living together........


  1. I think we raided the same loonie bin.

    List or no list.......those are must haves.

    Great pickups. Three greats.

  2. Love the Naslund & Simmer. You can never go wrong with $1 memorabilia cards of stars from the 80's.

  3. I hate to break it to you, but that's not a Jersey Black, that's a Jersey Yellow.

    Seriously though, if you get arrested for stalking, tell the judge you're not crazy, you have a blog about sportscards. That'll be good for your defense. Or defence.