Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Old Time Hockey!

Love it!

Let's see... I can see Ranger Vic Hadfield way in the back, and Ranger Rod Gilbert bottom left.
And of course center stage we have Bernie Parent in a Eddie Giacomin headlock.

I wonder how hard this would be to get autographed???

EDIT: whoops. That's not Rod Gilbert. He wore #7, not #4. So I guess based on the timeline, it would have to be Larry Brown.


  1. Awesome AWESOME picture!

    Here is the fight on YouTube:

    And here is the breakdown from that fight filled game from

    Line brawl, "normal" brawl, and a bench clearing brawl! That is my type of game!

  2. Now that would be a great piece to get auto'd.......multiple autos.

    Goalie headlocks rule.

  3. I'm guessing that's the game that Bernie Parent had his mask thrown into the crowd in the 71 playoffs..

    1. The mask went into the stands about a minute later.