Monday, December 20, 2010

What $17 and the last card show of the year brought me...

If you missed the first part of this post, stop, go HERE, and read THIS POST, then come back. I'll wait. Go ahead. For those of you who have already read the first part, you can go ahead and read on.

Obviously, since I spent $17, and only $2 was spent over on the other blog, the following cards set me back, um...... carry the 3.... $15. I was totally not like me and spent $5 on one card. We'll save that for the end. Please save your judgements until then as well.

First up, a dollar box. Not quite like dayf's quarter box, but around here, I'll take what I can get.
Five cards from the dollar box...
An '85/86 OPC Kirk Muller Rookie. Kirk is the assistant coach of the Montreal Canadiens right now. Hopefully the next head coach. And sooner than later please.
 '87/88 Stephane Richer Rookie. A multi 50 goal scorer, and one of my faves....
 '88/89 Sean Burke Rookie. A vastly under rated goalie. When he was on, he was dominating. A mainstay for Team Canada as well, he currently works for the Phoenix Coyotes as Goaltending Coach.
 '81/82 Andy Moog Rookie. I alwasy hated this little guy, but for a buck, why not. It's the only one of the four no mint. A wrinkle in the lower right makes him WORTHLESS! Well, worth a buck anyways.
 And a 2005 Rogie Vachon numbered /99 insert.
 Next table found a pile of about 25 cards marked 4 for a buck. Not quite a quarter box, but a quarter pile. I grabbed four cards.
Jimmy Howard insert
 Carey Price insert
 Miikka Kiprusoff insert
 and a PK Subban insert
 Same table had a dollar pile as well...

a Daniel Larsson of the Red Wings auto
 this is supposed to be James Reimer of the Leafs.... how I ended up with a scan of Jamie Tucker, only blogger knows....
 Joey Hishon, a 1st round pick of the Avalanche
 Tyler Toffoli of the Kings
 And now here's where we get to where I spent $5 on one card. Not a vintage card. A brand new card. The ink was still wet, it's so new. From the 2010/11 OPC set....

A Carey Price Retro Rainbow Black Bordered Parallel /100
I probably paid too much, but it was new and shiny and it's Christmas..... so why not?


  1. Nice grabs. Cool Inserts especially those net cam cards.

  2. So I guess I need to pull that Subban from the pile I had going for you here since you now have one. Oh, takes too long to mail to Canadia anyway.

    Just kidding.

  3. Love the respect you give to Burke! Hard to start an NHL career better than he did. Great deals, especially on the prospect autos!