Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holy Smokes! Look who's signing my cards!

Some of you may get my inference in the title.... others..... well, no matter. I decided to show off a TTM success I got awhile back. This kid could light the lamp for sure. 1012 points in 1006 games, including 441 goals in 15 seasons.
I'm talking of course of Steve Larmer, sniper for the 'Hawks and the Rangers.

Steve was nice enough to sign four cards for me in blue sharpie.
An '84/85 OPC
 '89/90 OPC
 '90/91 Upper Deck All Star
 '91/92 Score
Love that mullet!
Thanks Steve!


  1. Hey sorry to bother you again, but another blogger contacted me about the hoggarth card. I said you showed interest before, so I would wait for your response first, could you please contact me within the next few days. Thanks...

    On another note, nice card signings! I really like the signing on the 90-91 UD card!!

  2. Sure, I'll wait until next week no tell you the truth, the other guy was a real pain in the butt, so I have no problem waiting.