Friday, December 3, 2010

2010-11 Upper Deck Black Diamond, A first look.....

I was killing time, hanging out at my 'local' card shop, complaining about how Donruss hockey was delayed for the 9th time when he got a delivery. No, it wasn't Donruss, but it was a new hockey product. Not one I've ever bought before. 2010-11 UD Black Diamond. I bought a base set of last years cards for $2 plus $2 shipping on the 'bay last year, but I've never busted a pack. $5 per pack or 2 for $9.
Let's see what my $9 got me.
I like that UD finally put out a product without Crosby on the wrapper, but at 5 cards per pack, we're almost at $1 per card. Not a good start.

The base cards are foil, without being shiny. A very dark set....
 The player name along the left side is easier to read in person, but not by a lot. This is not a set that loves to be scanned.
 I meant to show the back of Leighton.....
 and the front of Horcoff, but what are you gonna do? oops. Anyways, the backs are plain but easy to read. Most if not all important info is there.
 Although the bottom of the back starts to look a little Panini'ish, and that ain't good.

My friend Luke here is an elusive Double Diamond. You only get 6 of these per box. What's the difference? I have no idea. Seriously.
 My card shop guy had to point out this 'hit' to me, a triple diamond rookie of Casey Wellman. Even he missed the Double Diamond.
 Wow. Really not a scanner friendly set. Apparently only 2-3 of these per box.

Apparently this is a really popular set. but I don't get it. I'm not really a foil guy either. But, this isn't a set collectors product. So maybe it is really cool if you find the right card(s)...
It was still nice to bust some new product... can't wait for OPC.... 11 more sleeps. Not including naps.


  1. Agreed on this set, nothing special, deffs not scanable :P

  2. hey! about the hoggarth card...if you have a canucks card that you think is a good trade I would be willing to part with it! although like I mentioned in my blog, it's not a "real" hockey card as you can see...let me know