Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gerry Cheevers autograph success

this past weekend I had the opportunity to meet with two former NHL/WHA players. Gerry Cheevers and Al Hamilton.

Gerry Cheevers is best known as goalie for the Boston Bruins. But he was also goalie for the Cleveland Crusaders of the WHA for four seasons. I was hoping to find a nice 8x10 of him in a Crusader sweater, but no such luck.

I'm not sure how Cheevers got inducted into the Hall of Fame as he never led the league in games played, wins, shut outs, or goals against average. Not even once. He did win two Stanley Cups, but was the primary goalie in only one of those playoff runs.

I can't tell you what it was like to be a Habs fan in a queue of about 25 Bruins fans. There was almost a line brawl a couple of times. Thankfully they were Bruins fans though, as most of my wise assed comments weren't understood. I need a wingman.

Al Hamilton played parts of six seasons inthe NHL before being selected by the Alberta Oilers in the WHA expansion draft. Al played with the Oilers for all seven seasons the WHA existed. Hamilton was protected by Edmonton upon entering the NHL and player one more year with them in the NHL before retiring.
Al Hamilton was the first Edmonton Oiler to be honoured by having his number retired.

Again, I was hoping for an image from his WHA days, but no joy. Still a nice addition to my collection though.

Up next, three posts of autograph awesomeness. Epic awesomeness. To the max. Yeah, I said to the max.


  1. Cheevers is a perplexing inclusion in the HOF. His numbers were good, not great Eddie Johnston was every bit as good. I think Cheevers was one of the "characters" of the game and that resonated with fans, writers, players, etc. His 12-1 record in the 69-70 Cup Finals was amazing, but that shouldn't trump a career that was good, but never great.

    Nice sigs, though!

  2. WOW...that's an awesome AUTO from Cheevers!

  3. "Cheesy"........awesome. To the max.

    Solid pickups x2. Nicely done.