Saturday, December 10, 2011

A pain free and focused card show...

Today was the first card show of the month. There's another one next Saturday, and then nothing until mid-January. Something about a holiday or something coming up.
Anyways... off I went, hoping to find cards off of my lists (always bring your lists kids!) and trying to avoid starting anything new.
And for a change, I was successful. I only brought home cards that were on my need lists, and I only spent $6. I didn't bring home much, obviously, but that's okay. We need to focus. Well, I do anyways.

On to the cards.

I'm really close on finishing this set.... I managed to pick up a Guy Lafleur mini Green back SP. He had about 100 minis in his box.... and had one that I needed.
 Total cost - $Free. Yep, he just handed it to me and said Merry Christmas. That must be the holiday everyone is talking about.
 One card down, total $ 0.00

Next seller... another one card pick up. This one from the 2011/12 UD Heroes set.
 Sir Alex cost me $1.00  That's .50 more than I spent on any other of the Heroes cards... but it was the last one I needed so I splurged.
It was the last one because I had just got this one at another table.
 I packaged Terrible Ted and this shiny Carey Price out of a guy's .50 cent pile.
 Four cards off my lists, total of $2 spent.

Finally I found five cards I needed with one seller. One card is for a fellow blogger, so I won't post it here, the other four cards were for me. Cost for the five cards $4

These are from the 2011/12 UD Victory MVP insert set.
El Sid.
 El Sid's netminder
 The Wasted One
 and some dude that keeps making the Bruins better.
Total for all 9 cards $6. Painless.
And I get to update my lists for next week's show. (Always keep your lists updated kids!)

Even better, now that I posted them on the day I got them, I can put them in their binders so they don't sit on my desk for weeks on end waiting to be scanned and posted.
Like I said people..... Focus!


  1. Focus was a Dutch rock band that had that song "Hocus Pocus" back in the early 70s. You know, the song with the yodeling.