Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a minor "Whoops" Upper Deck...

The other night I was sitting on the couch reading the backs of some of my cards... (what? Don't you read the backs? Or are you in it just for the pictures?) Anyways... I came across this card of Pascal Dupuis from this season's Upper Deck Series 1 release.
 A good action shot of Pascal... let's see what UD has to say about him.
Pascal had 85 points as a rookie???? 47 goals in one year??? 78 assists????? Pascal Dupuis??? Holy crap! How have I been missing him in my hockey pools?

Hmmmm...... Something ain't right.  To we go!

 Well that looks a lot more like what I expected.... but it sure isn't what's on the card back.
So if Pascal's best is a 20 goal year way back in '03, then who's stats are on the back of his card?

Again, to the rescue!

Now those numbers look familiar. Evgeni Malkin. Wow. I wonder what family member works at Upper Deck to make that mistake. Malkin does not have a card in Series 1, so we'll have to wait until Series 2 to see if they switched the backs, or just effed up Mr Dupuis.

Oh Upper Deck, I love your products, but as you can see, there's still work to do...I'm available as a proof reader, editor, card front or back designer, or just as a general sounding board for your ideas. (We MUST talk about OPC)

Let me know, I'll be here all week. Thank you.


  1. Holy hell. Good catch. I'm not into the history of the hockey numbers to be able to catch something like that. Well done. I wonder if ANYBODY else noticed. You should contact them. Maybe it's an easter egg of sorts and you win a prize. That seems like a hell of a screw up - especially since Malkin isn't even in the release to have been mixed up in the whole thing.

  2. I am a back reader too, and it seems UD usually is good for one or two mistakes a year. I learned a couple years back (07-08 UD Series 1 I think) that Mike Green was born in 2005! Youngest NHL'er? I think so!

  3. GJ. I googled "UD hockey 2011-12 error pascal dupuis" after comparing his amazing UD stat line to wikipedia. GJ.