Friday, December 2, 2011

Card show show and not much tell.

A wee while ago I picked up some goodies at one of the weekend card shows. If you'll allow me, I'll show them off here.

These first five cards cost me $4. That's .80 cents each if you're scrambling for a calculator.
Canvas insert Tomas Plekanec
Parkhurst Champion insert Bobby Clarke. And yes, that's he really looked back then...
Parkhurst Champions insert Brett Hull
2011/12 UD Heroes insert Red Kelly (I love the new idea of Heroes this year)
and finally, UD Heroes Jean Beliveau.
I liked these so much, at the next table I grabbed as many different ones as I could. Eight of them for .50 cents apiece.
Mr Howe.
Terry Sawchuk
Milt Schmidt (an odd choice for the set)
Johnny Bucyk
A great shot of Bobby Hull
Andy Bathgate of the Rangers
and finally, two great goalies. Gump Worsley...
...and Johnny Bower
I grabbed these next 14 cards for $10.

Carey Price All World insert
Carey Price buttshot. Seriously. This has been done to death. Let's move on.
Another dumb excuse for an insert set.... Making an Entrance.
HOT rookies of Brendon Nash,
Aaron Palushaj
Wait... how the hell did this get in here??? Ah well... Leafs rookie Joe Colborne.
The Subban!!!
The Subban again!
Five Young Gun rookie cards from last year's set.
Eric Tangardi of the Pens..... DFG's fave
Tommy Wingels and the Shondells.
another Leaf rookie! What the hell?
a young Devil, Brad Mills
and a retro of my fave, Larry Robinson.
I found a few cards in a dollar box that I liked.
One of the few rainbow retros from last year's OPC that I still need...
speaking of last year's OPC, I added a few SP's out of the dollar box.
rookie Justin Falk
Maxim Noreau
and Mark Oliver. I'm afraid I've never heard of young Mark
now here's a guy I've heard of.... Gilbert Perrault
and one of the most hated men in Calgary... Brent Sutter.
a Guy Lafleur /999... shame it's not in colour.
I had to grab this card of Chris Osgood. It's die cut in the shape of a trapper, and the mesh you see is actual mesh. Kinda cool.
On the way out I saw a small box of cards marked .50 cents!

I grabbed $3 worth.
A Donruss PROOF card of one of my all time favourites, Claude Lemieux.
an embossed base card of Carey Price that I realized I already had when I got home. I really must make a list for him soon.
a super shiny Vinny Lecavalier that my scanner refuses to share with you.
There were a bunch of these "Captains" cards.... I picked up one of Wilf Paiement. I want one of these jerseys for Xmas.
and finally, two autographs out of the .50 cent bin.
Blackhawks former goalie Cristobal Huet...
and former Minnesota Wild goalie Anton Khudobin. Anton went 4-1 with a 1.40 GAA for Minnesota. Apparently that wasn't good enough, so they traded him to Boston. Go figure.
That's it.... image heavy and not much chatter, especially since I'm doing this at 2:30 in the morning. Hopefully when I get up in the morning and re-read this, I won't be cringing too badly.
G'nite. Will the last one reading please turn out the light? Thanks.


  1. I'm guessing that Bobby Clarke wisecrack was directed at me huh? Are you still pissed I traded that '75 Brave for that '76 Yankee? There's a'll see. You know I'm not really a hockey guy, but those Hockey Heroes cards look nice and I love the Brett Hull. I'm a little biased about him though, seeing as how he scored that controversial goal in Buffalo.

  2. By the way, I'll hit the lights. It'll be daylight before the rest of these guys are up to read anyway.

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