Thursday, November 24, 2011

Trade night scan post.... lotsa pictures!

time to show off the loot from last week's trade night. I'm too busy watching football sans turkey, so we'll go minimal chit chat, maximum scan.

First up, the free stuff. One of the best things about trade night is when people pull a card that they know you need, and they come find you to give it to you. Along with giving away a few cards, I received some. Here's my freebies....
2012 Parkhurst Champions Black and White Renditions Guy Lafleur
 Colour Renditions Mario Lemieux.... great shot on this one...
 2012 Upper Deck Canvas Carey Price. the scans don't show it.... but these cards are really cool and textured. A neat idea for an insert set. Paying attention panini??????
 I pulled this next card out of my first pack of 2011-12 upper Deck Series 1. A Young Gun rookie of Montreal defenceman Rafael Diaz.
 Rafael Diaz was born and raised in.......? Can anyone guess? Yes. That's right. Switzerland.

I also pulled a Canvas card of Shark Joe Pavelski. I gave it to a guy who was 7 cards short of the Canvas set. Later on he gave me one of his dupes.... Henrik Zetterberg.
 I was lucky enough to get a couple more freebies. First, a Young Gun rookie of Alexei Yemelin, or Alexei Emelin, depending on who you ask.
 and a Young Gun rookie of Aaron Palushaj...
 I now only need Brendon Nash Young Gun for my Montreal team set.

These next six cards are from the 2011-12 Parkhurst set I'm chasing. I obtained these six cards in exchange for an Upper Deck Marty Turco jersey card from one or two years ago.
Eric Lindros Colour Rendition
 Dale Hawerchuk from the original Jets
 Gordie Howe, no introduction needed
 Wayne Gretzky, ditto
 a Black and White Renditions of Bobby Hull.... with teeth! Well, most of 'em...
 and a wire photo of Ted Lindsay and friends.
 These next six cards are for you "mini" buffs. I bought these from the card shop. I paid waaaaay more than I wanted to, but, what are you going to do? $8 got me these next six cards.

a mini version of Big Bird.
 a mini goon...
 a mini sniper. 60 goals in one season!
 mini Royalty...
 no, Eddie wasn't just released on a day pass... that's an old hockey helmet.
 and a wire photo of the destroyer of franchises....
 If you've been followiing along since October when I posted my Parkhurst box break... you'll remember me pulling this auto...
 I ended up trading him for the following three cards.
A Big M, Frank Mahovlich on card auto....
 a multi jersey rivalries thingie from ITG Decades.
 and a Brian Skrudland auto, thrown in, just for fun.
thanks for staying with me this long, enjoy the rest of the football. and Go Cowboys!


  1. I agree with your take on the Canvas cards, I think they are a great insert set. They might be one of the few insert sets I actually collect this year.

  2. That Eddie Shore card is hilarious and great at the same time.

  3. Nice cards! I'd love to trade for the Rivalries card for my Peter Stastny collection. See anything you could use in my tradelist?

  4. P.S. I have a Brendon Nash YG... :o) Let me know if you find something else!

  5. Geez...Those are some nice cards!

    Word Verification: crized

    As in: I crized when I say Canucks cards in this post.

  6. You gave away the Pavelski Canvas card? Are you insane?

    Nice pickups... especially the Canvas cards.