Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Joy of a completed page, card show edition

A little while ago I posted a box break of the new 2011/12 Parkhurst Champions set. I said I wanted to complete the whole set, SP's included, and I am attempting to do so. While my trip to the card shop provided no help, I did manage to acquire a whole bunch of cards fairly cheaply at the last card show over the weekend.
I managed to grab 18 mini's, including 5 SP's and four green backs......
20 Wire Photos, including 5 SP's and 8 colour Renditions and 2 Black and White Renditions.
I also picked up the last 23 base cards for the base set.
All 71 cards set me back $32.50

This set is do-able for sure. If any of you can help me with the last few mini's and Wire Photos, please check my wantlist page. The link is on the right hand side.

I'll post the other finished pages as they come.


  1. Very nice! I love the look of the base set and the wire photo cards but just don't have the disposable income or time to get into another set right now. I'd love to see some scans of the wire photo cards though.

    I've been SO tempted to bid on a Gordie Howe wire photo auto that I've been watching on eBay but can't justify the close to $100 that it's listed for...

  2. I really wish we had more card shows out here. The last one I went to had so many good deals, and I got a ton of my Murad stuff knocked off with that one show alone.

    Good luck with the set, though.