Monday, November 21, 2011

the hobby at it's finest...

Normally I like to inundate my readers with lots of pictures to cover up the fact that I can't really write that well. But today's post has only one picture.
During the monthly trade night at the card shop, cards change hands fairly rapidly. Everyone excited to swap the latest and newest. With some people though, just like in blogland, it's more of a giveaway. Friendships develop, and whenever you pull something you know someone would like, you place it in their pile, until you see them again or have the opportunity to mail it away.
These friendships are special, and are why I still type away at my keyboard.

At the last trade night, bamlinden, otherwise known to his mom as Brett, handed me this card.
Never has an uglier card been more beautiful.

And like quite a few of our 'trades'.... it was one sided. With nothing expected in return. He saw it, knew I would love it, and picked it up just to give to me.


So in your honour sir, I post this.

You didn't expect the Flying "V" did you?
(make that, two pictures)


  1. Ok, I'm an admitted hockey noob (although I do like the Stars), but is that what Nilan looks like now or is that a pic from high school!?

    Isn't it great when people know what you like?

  2. It was my pleasure.

    You're reaction was what I'll remember (I'm just glad you didn't say "Oh....I've already got 4 of those").