Saturday, November 12, 2011

Joy of a Completed Set, thanks to a card show

at the old card show a couple of Saturdays ago, I found some goodies that I thought I'd share. This is the same show that I found all of those Parkhurst Campions inserts you may have read about a couple of posts ago.
It was a really good show. All of the sellers were in really good moods for a change. Everyone was in the mood to sell, so prices were fair. All in all it was a good time.
But enough chit chat. You want to see the goods. Unfortunately, for this find, I can't scan all of the cards. Blogger would implode.
So you get a single page.

From In the Game, 2009's 1972 The Year In Hockey.
I bought a box of these when it first came out. I got around 120 of the 200 card set in my box. And have been trying to complete it ever since. Through trades and stuff I was down to around 60 cards needed for completion.
Then the card show happened.
A seller had a brick of these for sale for $5. My cat like reflexes reached out and grabbed it up off of the table. Upon examination, I see a post it note stuck to the side of the brick. "Needs #7, 47, 77, 144, 184"
The seller tells me, those are the cards it needs to be a full set. 195/200 for only a fiver.

There are times at card shows when you need to walk away, to mull things over, maybe coming back to the table later on to haggle.... and there are times to put a death grip on something with one hand while feverishly searching your pockets for cash with the other. This time it was the latter.
Now my set is complete and my binder is happy. Binders are like stomachs. They're happier when full.

All I need to do now is finish that second set, or maybe decide to use them as ttm autographers....

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