Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TTM Success! Jimmy Howard!

Not much time to post today, so you get another TTM success. Although to mix things up a little bit, I'll post a success from an active player instead of a retired one.
This one comes from Detroit Red Wings starting goaltender Jimmy Howard.
Jimmy was kind enough to send these back in just 29 days.
It's nice to see active players take an interest and the time in their fans. Most could not be bothered. I mean, this guy is the starting goalie for the mother freakin Detroit Red Wings, one of if not the best team over the last 15 years. In contrast, writing to a backup goalie of a team that never makes the playoffs, I'm looking at you Devan Dubnyk, and I'm still waiting after over 220 days.

Here's what Jimmy sent back....
 a couple of great 8x10's... one in the home colours and one for the road...
 along with two cards...

Thanks for taking the time Jimmy!
and thanks for reading to the both of you....


  1. I read it.

    Howard is a local boy. To everyone else he's the Red Wings goalie, but he's just a kid from Ogdensburg, N.Y., really. Seems funny that people want his autograph. Nice guy.

  2. Nice! One of these days I'll have to write to him with some of the doubles in my collection.