Tuesday, October 4, 2011

He's just a puppy still....

In the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, Montreal chose 17 year old Jarred Tinordi in the first round. Jarred, a defenceman like his father, was 6'6" 175 pounds.
Now, 15 months later, he is 6'7" 215 pounds..... and still growing.

He left the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame this season to join the London Knights of the OHL. He was immediately named Captain.

I cannot wait for this kid to get called up. Probably next season.... I wonder how big he'll be then? And what are they feeding these kids nowadays?

P.S. why is it that after a beautiful clean hit, everyone feels the need to drop the gloves? Can we not hit anymore? Cheap shots, okay.... but after the clean ones too???


  1. That is the definition of an ass-kicking right there.

  2. hahaha...he just ended his career, send him to the quite room

  3. Damn. To get knocked down and then lose the fight that you yourself stated....

    But that big kid was a force of nature. I love fighting in hockey. I hope they never take it out.


  4. Looks like PK found his bodyguard.