Monday, October 3, 2011

$10 and a card show.

I am woefully behind on a bunch of trade posts, so why not procrastinate some more and show off what I picked up at the card show this past Saturday? Seems like a good idea to me.

from one seller I managed to grab this Hi # SP card from this year's OPC set. Cost- $1.
 I also got three other cards from him, but they were football and baseball related, so I'll put those on Waxaholic.

From the next seller, I picked out two cards from his .50 cent box.

 a Carey Price Contenders base card and an...
 UD MVP insert Carey Price from '08.

The next seller had a brand new Carey Price from just out Artifacts.
 this one out of /999 set me back $3. A bit much if you ask me, but what the hell.

One of my favourite sellers had a few cards I liked. First, two cards for my growing Lyle Odelein collection.
 '94/95 Topps Stadium Club and '94/95 Fleer base cards...
 And I picked up this Montreal team set from '95 Parkhurst.
 I wanted to grab a few of these for autographs through the mail....
 but I ended up getting the whole set, even though some of these gentlemen are sadly deceased.
 in the interest of space, I'll scan the other 18 cards in sheet form.....

 I also replaced three tall boys of Charlie Hodge that I had just sent out for ttm autographs. Now my set is complete again.
total costs for all of those cards from him was $5. I love pick ups like that. He's also scrounging through his boxes for more for me at the next show.

So how do you think I did? And if anyone has any '10/11 OPC they want to trade/donate, hit up my wantlist link on the side. The '11/12 set launches tomorrow. I would really like to finish this one.

Oh, and totally unrelated to hockey, if you like soccer and comic books, check out the latest offering from Obsessive Recreation. Guy and TJ always have the latest for you...


  1. Nice cards Cap. Hockey just isn't too big around here.I have a bunch I should just send your way to a happier home !

  2. Solid pickups all around, can't beat the price you paid for sure..