Thursday, June 23, 2011

A What the Hell Newsflash.....

This just in...... the Blue Jackets are desperate, and the Flyers and Kings have both lost their minds.....

In three seperate deals today, the Philadelphia Flyers have completely changed the look and feel of their team, and confused the hell out of their fans.

First, they traded star center Jeff Carter to the Columbus Blue Jackets for winger Jakub Voracek, a 1st round pick this year (8th overall) and a third round pick.

Then, they traded their Captain, center Mike Richards, for winger Wayne Simmonds , minor leaguer Brayden Schenn, and a 2nd round pick.

Thirdly, they used the now available cap space to sign 31 year old goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov to a nine year, 51 million dollar contract.

Here's my take.... Columbus is desperate to sell tickets, needed to make a splash and get a big name in the building, AND add a star center to compliment their superstar winger Rick Nash.
So they overpaid for Carter.  Okay... I get it. I hope it works out for them... if not, Quebec will like having them in two years.

LA has lost their minds trading Schenn and Simmonds for an undersized Richards who has NINE years and 52 million left on his contract.

And Philly, so close to winning it all went after their chosen goalie of the present, 31 year old Bryzgalov, but to get him had to trade away their present goal scorers for future youngin's.
They now don't have the punch up the middle or the goal scoring to compete now, but by the time the youngin's are ready, Bryzgalov will be too old and replaced by Bobrovsky. So what did they gain?

I like all the acquisitions... but I thought they wanted to win now?

What do you think? Sound off below.....


  1. Wow.....I don't know about this one....they must think a LOT about the core players they kept!

  2. Was shocked to hear this today as well. I agree with most of what you said. Goalie issues have plagued the Flyers for years. I think they just got fed up with it but realized they didn't have the cap space to sign a decent netminder. I also agree that the trade would've made more sense for Philly of Bryzgalov were even a couple years younger. Then again look at what Tim Thomas just did at age 37...