Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just A Bit Offside Playoff Contest Winners Announced!

So after a long, hard fought battle. One contender from the ranks of the many has emerged victorious.
That contender was not any of the following.
Sal - 32 points
Cardanathema - 36 points
Nathan - 39 points
DFG - 39 points
Greg Zakwin - 41 points
Dave H - 41 points
Darkship - 42 points
BA Benny - 46 points
Casey - 51 points
herringtond - 53 points
Michael - 55 points
Mariner 1 - 58 points
Kazi - 58 points

so that leaves.......

FUJI  - 60 POINTS!!!

Congratulations Fuji!

Only Casey picked the right team to win the Cup, but that wasn't enough to catch Fuji who had an outstanding first round.
Thanks to all that participated... and Fuji, if you can send me your address so I can double check I have the right one, I'll send your prize out just as soon as the postal strike is over....


  1. Aw man! I should get a bonus for picking the winner, their opponents, and the MVP!

  2. you did... but picking the Rangers, Sabres and Ducks killed you.

    Plus Thomas winning MVP was as big a joke as Jeter winning his gold glove. But I didn't dock you for other's stupidity.... even though i wanted to ;)

  3. I already replied to that comment on Sal's blog. If not Thomas, then who?

    16-9, 1.98 GAA, 4 shutouts, 3-0 in Game 7s, a SUBLIME Finals (8 goals allowed, 1.15 GAA, 2 shutouts).

  4. Thanks for the contest....not worst and not first....the story of my life!

  5. I'm curios...if not Thomas, then who? Marchand, maybe? Recchi as a courtesy career nod? Certainly not either of the Sedin's or Luongo? Maybe Kesler even though they didn't win, he was still working full throttle every shift. Tell us Capt...who?

  6. Thanks for the contest... I apologize for the delay. I'll email you right now.