Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stamkos Rumours Abound....

I'm not too sure about the sports pages down in the U.S, but here in Canada it's all hockey all the time. Even more now that the actual games are over with. It seems like reporters journalists like talking more about what could be, and not actually what happened. This unfortunaltely is the truth, as most fans are the same way. Tune into any message borad and you'll be inundated with not so juvenile delinquents talking about how the Leafs just have to trade Clarke McArthur, JS Giguere and their two first rounders to Pittsburgh for Sidney Crosby. Of course the Penguins would do it because they're afraid of him not coming back from injury.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes... The sportspages. I have read countless (Okay, maybe a dozen) columns on how the cash strapped Lightning may not sign restricted free agent Steven Stamkos before the July 1 deadline.

What??!!!??! Give your head a shake you idiots. Where did you go to school let alone get your sources?

I don't care if you have to sell a kidney or three.... Tampa will not let Stamkos go to another team. Last time I checked, Guy Boucher, Steve Yzerman, and the new Tampa owners still had a pulse. And there ain't no one that dumb to let a guy like Stamkos go. Not even Brian Burke. He'd just trade him to Boston.

The NHL draft and Free Agency... the best time of year for any hockey fan.... gotta love it. Now if only Montreal would trade Lars Eller and their first rounder to Nashville for Shea Weber and cash.......


  1. Stamkos would look quite good wearing Vegas Gold and Black right now. But so would #68.

    Anyway, I agree, no way the Lightning let him walk.

  2. Best rumor I heard was that after Toronto signed Stamkos to an offer sheet. Montreal would counter the move by trading for lecavalier. Apparently thevlecavalier to montreal rumor will never, ever die. Stamkos seems to want to stay in tampa, so I think it's done in the next 48 hours.