Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Joy of a Completed Page... Retro Style.

So if you've been reading my stuff for awhile, you know I like the retro hockey stuff. Every year, OPC puts in a retro parallel set with the regular base cards. Two years ago was an epic set. Make that Epic. Capital 'E'. Last year was, meh. A nice design of a card, but not super collectible. This year was a huge hit! Well, with me anyways... not a lot of other people liked it. But I love it. Love it!

While I'm trying to build the set, or buy one (that's another story in itself) I decided to also try and do a Master team set of Montreal. The retro parallel, the rainbow retro parallel, and the black border rainbow retro parallel. The black bordered are numbered /100.

Difficult yes, but not impossible. Or so I thought.

Anyways... I finished my first page the other day.

There are 24 different cards for the Montreal team set, meaning I need 72 cards to finish the master team set.
I'm currently sitting at 48/72
Only 24 to go.

If anyone can help.... with either the Montreal master team set, or the regular opc retro set, drop me a line...

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  1. Nice! I'm looking to do the master version of Jimmy Howard, although I don't even have the regular retro yet.