Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trade Night Success

The last trade night at Maple Leaf Sports was a huge success. I've been going to these trade nights once a month for well over a year now and they're always a load of fun. There's a great bunch of people that attend. But as for trading... I usually don't get a lot done. There aren't too many set collectors out there swapping base cards if you know what I mean.
However, this time I was able to play with the big kids. As I was just about to leave, yet another round of pack wars broke out. So I stuck around to watch. Good thing. Another collector came in with a trade box and an 8x10 photo on top. I asked what the photo was, and it turned out to be an auto'd Larry Robinson from the card show the week before. He ended up with two and wanted to trade one.
He started looking through my trade box and pulled out quite a stack of cards. Three or four autos, a few inserts, and a sweet rookie four colour patch card #/15. He turned to me and said that he really wanted all of those cards, would I mind looking at his traders to see if there was more I wanted....
 I came out with these.

A Larry Robinson - Michel Goulet game used Ultimate slabbed thingie #/24
 and another Carey Price auto for my collection.
This one is die cut! Another slabbed Ultimate thingie #/24....

Everyone was happy, and no one mentioned a book or any price found in one.

And in another unbelievable shocker.... I managed to get this trade post up before the next trade night happened. How about that.


  1. nice pick ups--always good when both parties are happy--doesn't matter the price, you get what you want

  2. That's quite the haul there.


    The Robinson and Price are SICK.