Thursday, October 21, 2010

Auctions aplenty... where's my chequebook???

with the ever increasing popularity of sports memorablilia, there is an equal increase in the amount of sports memorabilia auctions. Two item in particular have piqued my interest this month.

The first, Rogie vachon's game used mask from his days with the L.A. Kings. Auction LINK The mask, seen here
is only $6500 at the time of this writing with 26 days left in the auction. I'm sure the wife wouldn't mind if I sold her car....

The next item I have to have is a true one of one. You may remember back in June, a Paul Henderson jersey that he wore when he scored the winning goal in the 1972 Summit Series sold for $1,272,707.00 Amazing money for a game used jersey. Seen here in one of the most iconic and recognizable hockey/sports photos in history.
 Well, the guy who passed him the puck, was Yvan Cournoyer. #12 in white. And now, Yvan's jersey from that game is being put on the block. Who knows how high this will go. I'm sure my wife wouldn't mind me selling the house, right? Yvan's red jersey that he wore in an earlier game of the series sold in March for $20,000.... but this is the white one. The one in the photo... the one in our memories with Foster Hewitt's voice ringing in our ears...

You ever see a player go after a referee with his stick before???


  1. That Rogie mask is sick. I would kill for that thing.

  2. I second that, if I had 10 grand kicking around that thing would look great on my bookshelf!