Saturday, October 23, 2010

What $2 at a card show can get you... Part Two

okay, I lied. Sue me. This part of my card show loot actually cost me $4. But the title from Part One mandated there be a Part Two. We'll call it writer's licence. Or poor planning. But I like the first better.
For $4, I picked up a completely random assortment of vintage '70's hockey.
First up, some 72/73 Topps. Since finishing my 74/75 Topps set, I've been thinking of starting to collect this one. Either that or the 73/74....
Dennis Hull. When you have a chance to pick up a Hull, you buy it. No questions. Unless it's Jody Hull. But that's another post.
 Ron Schock. Love those old Penguins sweaters.
 Cowboy Bill Flett. The real reason I picked this up is because Bill looks so odd in this photo. Normally, Bill looks like this..... (scroll down one)
 Boo-yah! Beardolicious.
 And a pair of old school Blues. One of the Plager brothers. Version Barclay.
 and a little known goalie, Jacques Caron
 one more of the 73/74 set. The Topps set has four different coloured borders. red, green, blue and yellow. The OPC only has red and green.
 With all the 40th anniversary talk surrounding the Canucks, I had to grab one of the original 'nuckleheads. Although Dale was traded to Chicago soon after.
 and my favourite of the bunch, a 70/71 Jacques Laperriere All Star. Anything vintage Montreal and I am all over it.
one roughish corner and a wee off center, but it's all mine.

So leave me any comments about which set you think I should go for.... especially if you have traders to help me out!

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  1. I have extras of 71-72 and 72-73 Topps, if you know which ones you need.