Sunday, July 2, 2017

So sharp, you could shave with them...

Where does the time go?

Meh. Anyways..... I thought I'd show off a few recent acquisitions. These are all in amazing shape. No creases, no wrinkles, no issues, save an off centre or two. But what's that between friends, right?

I won't bore you with card numbers or names, especially since in 1960 they printed them right on the front of the card.

 Just look at that colour pop. Simple. Clean.

Amazing cards. I'll hopefully post some of their friends later.

Oh, Happy Canada Day.


I've had a request to see the backs.... ask and ye shalt receive. (Some of the time, anyway)

C'est fantastique, non?


  1. Man alive those are incredible. Just awesome.

    Congrats on the pickups.

    Looking forward to seeing more.