Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trade Night - All Horizontal Edition

Slowly the gears turn as I get caught up on some long delayed posts. Multiple reasons why I'm behind.... and for the most part, they don't matter. You're not here for the story, you're here for the cards, am I right?

You know I am.

Quite often at trade night I find myself acquiring cards that don't necessarily fit into my prime collection. Most of the time, people who have cards I want, aren't interested in anything I have.

Such is life.

So I adapt. It's what humans do, right? Evolution... survival of the species and all that.

If I can't acquire the main pieces I'm after, then I go for other cards that round out my collection. Cards that while may not be of my favourite players or teams, still can find a home and valued place in my pc.

Like this card... a hard signed Niklas Lidstrom. One of the greatest defencemen to ever play my game. A 100% lock for the Hall of Fame the year he's eligible.
Speaking of one of the greatest defencemen of all time, Hall of Famer Denis Potvin.
This is my second Potvin auto, but my first that isn't slabbed in one of those nasty graded plastic cage thingies.

Adding two autos of these greats was a no brainer for me.

From my wantlists, I snagged this SP heroes card of Marty Brodeur. It was the last card I needed for that set.
It's not a 17 colour game used sweat stained patch auto like what most people get excited about, but I was very happy to cross it off of my list.

The last (hockey) card I got was not a trade, but a gift.

Aaron Palushaj 2012 Panini Prime Patch rookie # 24/25
I appreciate the gift.

But let's talk about something that someone else said to me when they saw what took place.
We'll call him 'Bubba'.
Bubba comes over and says 'Wow! I can't believe someone would just give away a card like that without getting anything back!'
I asked him if he had every given any cards away before... he said 'yeah, a couple of times... but just worthless base cards.'
To which I said, and you think this card is valuble????
See, to me.... this card is maybe a $2 card. It's of a player that has no shot at playing for my team this year, is in the walk year of his contract, and will not be re-signed.
I very much doubt if his NHL career lasts much longer.
Is it out of /25? Yes.
Is it a big two colour jersey swatch? Yes.
But so what? Look who's it of.

This is what Bubba goes on about... how it's a rare patch card etc.. etc... if you'll forgive my poetic licence, This is a guy who can't see the trees in the forest.
He's blinded by the 'internet forum' SICK MOJO PATCHEZ!!!! ideal that so many people fall into.
He's convinced that by opening high end packs and finding low numbered patch cards, it's his ticket to retirement.
Wake up son.

These are the same guys complaining that they can't sell cards on ebay anymore because they are selling for too little $$$....

Thanks for reading my rant to the end... here's a reward.


  1. Great cards.

    Did I miss a trade night or were you just lazy in posting your pickups?

  2. First off, it's not a rant if you're right.

    Secondly, great payoff pic there at the end.

    I hear you on the sick mojo speak we hear so often. If I pulled a patch card of Clemente or McCutchen, I'd shit myself. If I pulled a patch of Jose Tabata I'd be less than thrilled. Even if it was a 5 color patch, lol.

    Well done, sir.

  3. I'm happy to see that those sort of collector dudes aren't limited to the US; I guess it is a worldwide mindset. I don't even pay those knuckleheads any attention anymore. I don't even consider them collectors, so I gots no time for

    I love that Lidstrom!