Wednesday, February 20, 2013

because you just never know.

At the February card show, I didn't bring home too much. In fact, the show was fairly disappointing.

But since I was waiting to meet someone, I stuck around a bit longer.

It's a good thing for me that I did.

Someone was unpacking a box of miscellaneous stuff, and my eye caught a stack of OPC mirrored retros from 2010/11.

As I casually shuffled through them, I found this...
Black bordered Josh Gorges /100 AND I needed it for my team set.

I asked him how much.... he replied with; " How about $2?"

As I was fishing out my toonie, he said to me; "what's up? you never buy from me!"

I wanted to say that's because your crap is usually WAAAAAY over priced, but I was nice and said it's because he never has anything I want.

And off I went.

15 minutes later as I was wondering past his table once more.... I see even more OPC retros. So I leaf through them quickly and find this!
AND I need this one too!!! Big Hal only cost me a buck.


It just goes to show.... after not being able to find any of these for well over a year, I find TWO of them from a guy I normally never deal with.

Never give up, and always keep digging, because you never know.

Now if I could just find the rest of these that I need....... *sigh*

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