Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Freebies. Swag. Booty. Plunder. Loot.

It all means the same, and it's all good. Here's a quick post to show off three new additions to my collection that were given to me free of charge.

The first one arrived in the mail from a fellow blogger. This and some baseball cards came from Casey at Drop the Gloves. (we won't comment on the Messier card that was included.... yuck.)
One of the corners is dinged up pretty good.... probably from Casey throwing it across the room when he pulled it. No matter, it fits in quite well into my Odelein/Nilan binder.

Trade night at one of the local shops got me two more gifts. (Well, three, but the other one is baseball related.)
I thought about showing these off with the cards I traded for as well, but generosity deserves it's own post.
I had brought a couple of gifts myself for two collectors who I knew would be there. As fate would have it, one of them had this for me....
I learned something from it. I had always known Dave Hanson had played for the Minnesota North Stars.... but I thought that was it. I found out via reading the back of this card that Dave originally played 11 games with Detroit before being traded to Minnesota for futures. Hell if I can find what the futures turned into.
Dave played 22 games for the North Stars, scoring one goal and one assist before retiring.
For those who need to know, Dave played in the NHL for 33 games, 1G 1A and 65 PIMS. In the WHA he played 103 games with 13 goals, 40 assists and 497 PIMS.

The last card I wanted to show off today came from the same person who gave me the baseball card that I'll show off on Waxaholic at a later date.
Normally I avoid these manufactured letters..... but a gift is a gift. It now has an honoured place in my collection.

Thanks to everyone and as my pal Troll says, I love this hobby!

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  1. Ah man, it had a dinged corner?! I hopee it wasn't a result of my shoddy packaging. I bet the Messier card dinged it up in transit.

    Also, sweet Hanson card!