Saturday, December 8, 2012

TTM Success! Gilles Villemure

I wrote to Gilles Villemure a little while ago. A couple of weeks later he returned my stuff all signed in bright blue sharpie.

Gilles Villemure was a longtime goalie for the New York Rangers before finishing his career with the Chicago Black Hawks.

Gilles never really got a shot early on in his career, playing in only 13 games in his first 6 seasons. But once he got his shot, he made the most of it, making the All Star team in the next three years and winning the Vezina trophy as top keeper.

He also made this nifty mask.
I say nifty, my wife says creepy.
Gilles also played for the Vancouver Canucks. But that was for them in the WHL.
I don't know what I like more, the net with the old style boards, the chain link, the old advertising, or the Johnny Canuck logo on his sweater.
It's all awesome.
Besides the 8x10's, Gilles also signed some cards I sent.

Merci Gilles!


  1. Fantastic stuff!

    One heck of a gorgeous mask. One heck of a gorgeous auto.

    Great success.

  2. Great photos that you selected, those look killer signed!