Saturday, December 29, 2012

Autos aplenty....

I suppose I had best talk about the last trade night of 2012 seeing as the first trade night of 2013 is in four days.
2013. Wow. I remember when I was just a timbit, (you non-Canadians may not get that reference) I used to think how cool it would be if I lived long enough to see 2013. I was born on the 13th, and I could then have a whole year with 13 in it.
Hey, I was 5. Don't judge.
Back to tradenight. There was quite a spread of food... but I was a good boy and avoided all but the vegetable platter. Save for one small sliver of pepperoni pizza. This was the night I posted about earlier on Waxaholic where I won movie passes from the mystery gift boxes that were handed out.
Believe it or not, there was actual trading of cards as well.
Here's what I came home with. Hmm, if I had a blog in my 20's, the subject of what I came home with at the end of the night would be MUCH different.
Moving on.....
from the much maligned Panini set, Classic Signatures, a hard signed Bob Gainey.
 I was thrilled to add this card to my collection as it is my first Gainey auto, and the card is pretty cool with Marcel Dionne closing in from the background. Nice sig Bob.

Speaking of nice sigs, I added another Hall of Famer in Gilbert Perreault. I have another Perreault, but this one is nicer.
from 2005-06 Trilogy, this card has copper stripes with a matte finish everywhere except for the cutout of Gilbert, which is glossy. It's a super looking card. Well done.

In the gift department, I received a brand new 2012-13 Black Diamond Ruby double diamond PK Subban.
 Now I just need the base, Emerald, and Sapphire versions. The Ruby is /100.... no idea about the others.

The next two cards I "traded" for, but in all honestly were just gifts from other collectors. I tried to give more for them, but they both insisted I take them. I love this hobby. You meet some really great people.

Both from 2011-12 Panin Prime, both featuring Montreal defenceman Raphael Diaz.
 Raffy is not my favourite defenceman, nor in the top 3, but I can`t refuse cards like this.
 My Swiss friend does need to work on his sig though.... Raffy, look at Bob`s or Gilbert`s and take notes. No Raffy, not shorthand..... write it out in cursive son....

..... Like former Hab defenceman and Hall of Famer Larry Robinson.
out of /75 this is one for my growing Larry Robinson collection. Not a bad little card, although a colour photo would be much better.
All in all a great evening.
Thanks to all I met, traded with, talked to, or emailed in 2012. Hopefully that will continue in 2013 along with meeting a few new folks as well.
Happy New Year.


  1. Superb pickups. Fantastic autos.

    All the best in 2013.

  2. Timbit:

    This non-Canadian will have you know that I was a regular frequenter of the first Tim Horton's in the US of A when I was a college lad in Buffalo.

  3. I love that Gainey and might have to pick one up to replace my current one.

    And the Big Bird is just unreal (although I agree a color photo would have been a bit better).

  4. Love the autos, of course Robinson would be the closest to my heart and by far the classiest auto too!