Friday, December 7, 2012


Trade night at the local shop was last night... lots of good discussion and catching up, despite the best efforts of the idiots in New York who are trying their best to destroy our National Pastime.
Of course it's also Xmas time... and despite some amazing sales going on... I held fast and didn't purchase any boxes, just some much needed supplies. Hopefully I'll have some cash left over in January to spluge on cards. Hopefully.
I only pulled off a couple of trades. The first was on a set that I've been working on since the day it came out. 2012 ITG BTP Masked Men Ruby Die Cut.
Jonathan Quick has joined the party.
 Now only four more to go. #'s 1, 29, 30 , and 41.

Do you remember when I acquired this?
 Did I show this off? I can't remember... Anyways... I managed to trade off Taylor in exchange for
another Ultimate auto, this time Guy Carbonneau....
 and a Tough Times auto of Terry O'Reilly. Terry is #/250.
 The only other acquisition was a gift. A buddy gave me this 2009/10 Fleer Ultra eX insert of Carey Price. It is a sweeeeeeet card. Acetate, diecut, and in full relief. Beauty!
 I also got a handfull of basecards from that same set....
That's my randomness for today.... there's a card show tomorrow. I wonder if I'll be able to go and NOT spend any money.
We'll see.
Any odds?


  1. How'd that Bruin sneak into your collection?

    1. no one's willing to part with most Montreal cards... so I get what I can out of the bargain box that no one wants.