Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ITG Forever Rivals Dream Pack Break... Kind of...

a couple of weeks ago, I posted my ITG Forever Rivals Dream Break. If you didn't read it, go now, it'll explain what I'm doing here.....

Now for this pack, it's not exactly my Dream Pack, but the cards are still pretty good. Probably better than what I would pull knowing my luck.

12 cards per pack, 3 base, 3 autos, 3 relics and 3 base inserts, costing around $90 - $120 per pack.

Here's what I came up with for pack two. (all prices in Canadian)

Base Cards

Guy Lapointe $1
J.C. Tremblay $1
Chris Chelios $1.50
Base total - $3.50


Charlie Hodge $7.40
Rick Wamsley $7.77
Dougie Jarvis $4.20 (The best face off guy I have ever seen. Period.)
Autograph total - $19.37


Claude Lemieux Silver /30 - $5.43
Shayne Corson Silver /30 - $5.33

Steve Shutt Red /20 - $4.05   Are you kidding me? A game used Shutt out of /20 for $4???
What's this??? Bonus card!!!
Found this at a local card shop....
Guy Carbonneau Silver /30 - $3.00 

Relic totals - $17.81 (including bonus card!)

Now you should know by now that I don't like the base inserts... so I replaced them with autographs. Hey, it's my pack.

Jean-Guy Talbot - traded an auto that I bought at a card show for .50 cents.
Borje Salming - A Leaf sighting! $4.92
Jiri Crha - one of the autos I keyed in on when the checklist came out.  $7.61
Second autograph group total - $13.03

Grand Total of entire pack - $53.71

Yikes. Looks like I saved money on that one.


  1. I don't know what it was about Crha's mask, but I loved it back in the day...

    The Talbot card for essentially 50 cents is pure theft!!

    Great pack...and a great idea

  2. That is one sweet home-made pack. I really like the auto card design and how the auto is the clear center-piece! Also the use of red and blue marker for each team is a pretty cool touch too!