Monday, November 19, 2012

Little by little, and then stop.

I mentioned the other day about my lost '81/82 OPC set. I'm determined to finish this one, again. i hit up a couple of dealers at the local show last weekend, but they wanted around $1 a card. Apparently, they weren't in the mood to sell. But that's okay, they own the cards, they can dream about cashing them in on a retirement plan if they want.
I went elsewhere. Sportlots to be precise. For .18 cents a card, I picked up 29 cards, plus two unmarked team checklists from 80/81 OPC I needed. I'd say 25 are near mint, with 5-6 ex condition.
That's the good....

the not so good was I also picked up 16 cards from the 92/93 Upper Deck set I need. Also at .18 cents per card. These should be .05 cents a card. But what are you going to do? All from the same seller of course. And really, John Cullen's haircut was worth the cost...

For those of you keeping track, there's still no hockey season. But, it is my wife's birthday on Friday. What that means is that I stop buying cards until after Xmas.

No hockey?

No cards?

What am I going to do?

I think that with my slow rebuild of the '81/82 OPC set, I may start blogging a card a day or so as I add them to my set.

What say you?


  1. John Cullen's haircut?

    More like LACK of a haircut!

    Also, I have no 81-82 OPC, but tons of 81-82 Topps. Can't win them all.

    Kidding aside, sorry to hear about the theft.

  2. PS. I also have tons of 1992-93 Upper Deck that I would have gladly sold you at 17 cents per card. I bought more of that set back in the day than I care to admit.

  3. Sorry can't help with your cause fellow Capt. I don't have 81-82 OPC my Hockey is lacking, plus I concentrate mostly on just Caps. 92-93 Upper Deck? D'oh I've got dupes of 91-92 Upper Deck doesn't help you. Its a shame really because I could have used some of those Hockey Hotties. :$

    Oh and Blog blog away until your fingers go numb, until your brain aches, or at least until you refinish the set and there are no more cards to blog about.

  4. Love the 81/82 OPC design... best of luck on that set. I ripped a ton of 92/93 Upper Deck back in the day, but unfortunately most of it (except for a handful of Kariya RCs) was taken to Goodwill years ago.