Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1981-82 OPC #321 Terry Martin

Today`s piece of airbrushed goodness is card #321, Terry Martin.
Terry broke in with the Sabres in the 1975/76 season. His rookie card is #318 of the 1977/78 OPC set.
Terry was selected by Quebec from Buffalo in the 1979 expansion draft. After a brief stay he was traded to Toronto with Dave Farrish for Reg Thomas. Terry stayed with the Leafs until 1984 when he was taken in the waiver draft by Edmonton.

So by now you're asking.... if Terry was taken by Quebec in '79, and traded to Toronto shortly after.... why the heck is he in an airbrushed Buffalo sweater in this '81/82 card???

Good question.

Terry's 77/78 RC shows him in a road Buffalo sweater. His '78/79 card has the exact same image as what you see here on his 81/82 card.
He wasn't issued a card for the 79/80 or 80/81 OPC sets.

I'm assuming that because OPC never included him for two years, they didn't have rights to any photos of him, so they had to use an old image when they all of a sudden decided to insert him into their set once more.


  1. My wife was a huge Sabres fan as a teenager. I don't remember her talking about Terry Martin, but I'm sure you'll show someone she was all gooey-eyed about at some point.

  2. I liked Terry Martin. He always hustled.