Monday, March 12, 2012

5 card draw...

As the season winds down, I find myself purchasing less and less. This is a good thing however, as with my newfound energy into organizing and updating my want/set lists, my purchasing has become more focused. And focus is a very good thing.
So now I'm buying cards off of my wantlists! Imagine! Buying cards you actually need. Or I'm buying cards for my player collections.
Nice. Yay me. Somebody be proud of me. My wife has yet to recognize my greatness. Despite me trying to explain it to her several times. Go figure.

Anyways, you didn't come here to listen to me ramble about spiritual cardenlightenment. And yes, that IS a word. You came here for pictures.

Here ya go.
This Young Gun from UD Series 2 was not priced when I first arrived at this particular table. Nor was any other card. They said they were just starting on pricing. I said I`d be back.
 So I come back in a few minutes and every card on the table, except Mr St Denis is priced. Nice. We laugh, I move along.
I come back again. $6. I laugh.
10 minutes go by and I`m back again. $8.... *sigh*...
another 10 minutes and it`s priced at $5. By now everyone is laughing before I can even get close to the table.... but she says, "You know it`s yours for $3."

Good times when banter becomes a feature at the local card show.

Moving on to less painfull or at least, quicker purchases.

$1 got me a new Carey Price.

and I debated over the next purchase. He's not on any of my lists nor a player collection of mine. He's not even a player. But for $2, I nabbed an on card auto of one of Canada's greatest Olympic athletes.
 Gaetan Boucher. Gaetan scored four Olympic medals including two gold, was a World Champion and set two world records.

Back to my adding more to my pc, from the same $2 box I added this dual relic Andrei Markov /125.
 That very same night, Andrei played his first game back from injury in two years. After watching him that game, as well as in tonight's game, I see he is back and well worth the 5 mil he's signed for next year. Stay Healthy my friend. We need you.

The final card I'm showing you came to me for $5. A brand new shiny card of a vintage player who retired 32 years ago.
A game used Yvan Cournoyer. Normally these cards of retro players are all event worn pieces. But not this one. That, combined with the player choice, and that the swatch is torn = had to have it.

Focus. I like it.


  1. Focus ic a very important thing when it comes to a player collector. Especially if there are a lot of cards available of said player. Being able to stay on top of knowing what you need is...........

    A $2 Boucher! Awesome find!

  2. We can all use a little focus sometimes. Love the Cournoyer.

  3. I guess I'll pull that Price back out of the pile I had accumulating for you...unless you want a double.