Monday, March 5, 2012

You ever been to sea, Billy?

I mentioned that I found a 15 for a $1 box at the last card show. Here are a feww goodies from that box. All from the same set.

They were issued around 1993.... sometime. Maybe 1994. They were a food insert put out by Captain Highliner Fish products.
Buy a box of Fish n' Chips, get a free hockey card. Makes sense to me.

They featured some recently retired greats like Tony Esposito.

And Bernie Parent. These cards are still sealed in their original cellophane protective wrapper.

 It also featured current stars like Patrick Roy
 Felix 'The Cat' Potvin
 and Eddie Belfour
 Also included were all time greats like Jacques Plante
 and Bill Durnan.
 I actually picked up two of Bill... so I'll show you the backs.
uh... the upside down version of the backs. It showed another picture of the goalie, personal information, and stats. Along the bottom edge was a scratch off game to win valuble prizes! That edge was perforated so you could remove the game and keep the card. Standard size cards of 2 1/2x3 1/2.

I have no idea who is in this set or how many cards there are to it. Maybe someone with Beckett Online or some such checklist site can enlighten me. But I like the ones I see so far.

I miss stuff like this. Food issues were awesome. Captain Highliner fishsticks were not.


  1. Hey Brian,

    So the set is from the 93/94 season and was released with the fish product. You could order the complete set apparently from the specially marked High Liner boxes.

    The set contains 15 cards and according to the big Beckett, it lists for 15 bucks. Roy is the pricest at 8 bucks and there are cards of:

    Evolution of the mask card
    Vezina Checklist

    1. Small world.

      I just picked up the full set from my trip to the antique show a couple weeks ago. They come with a little binder for the cards as well. My niece thought it was 'cute'.

      I have a few extras I will keep with me for the next time I bump into you. You can have the cute binder too.